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No picnic

June 24, 2008

Or, more accurately, a picnic at which all your favorite foods are on display but off limits.

I recently got a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, which is not a lot of fun.  I have to watch my diet very closely and test my blood glucose level four times a day.  From a purely abstract, scientific perspective, this is kind of interesting (though I don’t think I’ll go so far as to prove my Bennett bona fides by putting the test results in a spreadsheet), but it’s hard to make major adjustments in my eating habits.  Perversely, my prescribed diet in no way corresponds to normal pregnancy cravings, so I have to work hard to find foods that are both appropriate and appealing.

That being said, the payoff is that if I can keep things under control, B3 should be in much better shape upon his arrival.  For one thing, he’ll be less likely to be gigantic–which will make things a lot easier for me, too!

(Snow, by the way, is the one family member enjoying significant benefits from this situation: I have to eat a lot of protein, often in the form of egg whites, so she is getting lots of egg yolk treats.  She’ll have the shiniest coat in the neighborhood!)