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Eek, a Mouse!

June 28, 2008

I’m spending a few days in Anaheim, CA, at the American Library Association annual meeting.  I’m not a big Disney fan, so this wouldn’t be my first (or thirty-first) vacation choice, but I do think Anaheim is nicer than Orlando. 

For one thing, the weather is lovely.  I hadn’t realized how much the Houston heat had been affecting me until I awoke to a beautiful Southern California morning.  I actually enjoyed the walk to the conference hotel, which was a surprise.

The conference is going well so far, although managing the diabetes thing is challenging, since my schedule is far from routine and healthy food can be hard to come by.  It seems most database vendors would rather bribe librarians with mini cheesecakes and imported chocolates than with vegetables and low-fat cheese.

No pictures for this entry.  There’s a reason copyright extension laws are often named for Mickey Mouse.