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Welcome to my life

February 5, 2009

“Sorry I’m late.  The baby threw up on the dog.”


A moment of silence, please

September 19, 2008

For the contents of our freezer.  A week’s work of baby-prep cooking, all for naught.

Fashion faux pas

August 26, 2008

When I look down these days, this is what I see:

So surely it’s perfectly understandable that I went to a party last Saturday wearing two different-colored shoes.  Less excusable is the fact that I had done this before, when my belly was much smaller.  Twice.

Is it too late…

July 21, 2008

…to move to Sweden?

We recently started getting serious about evaluating day care options for B3 after I go back to work. I’ve quickly discovered that the first thing I should have done after getting a positive pregnancy test was not celebrate with my husband but rather start getting our name on waiting lists.

We’re still holding out (vanishing) hope that we’ll snag an infant spot at the highly-regarded UH Child Care Center, where I could visit the little guy during the day. But even after months on the list, we’re probably not high enough to get in in January. The center doesn’t have anywhere near the capacity to meet demand, and the children of UH students and the siblings of current CCC attendees are given priority.

At the moment, Plan B appears to be attending as many worship services as we can each week, in order to get priority for church-based day care programs. I’m being only slightly facetious (and I’m starting to understand how day care centers can be a great outreach tool for congregations). It’s hard to find decent programs in convenient locations, but I have a few leads to run down.

The whole day care dilemma is distressing not just on a personal level but also on a broader one. I’m really dismayed that it’s so hard for us to work this out, even though our situation isn’t that difficult. We have a decent income, a flexible schedule, and readily available transportation–and still, as Micah pointed out, we’re having to beg and plead for someone to take our money to care for our child. If we really want well-educated women to stay in the workforce, we’ve got to offer them (i.e., us) better options.

Sweet dreams

July 16, 2008

Here’s a new theory: Dreaming about treats can raise one’s blood sugar.  Last night I dreamed I ate three pieces of pie (mmm…pie…), and this morning my glucose number was the worst it has ever been.  Argh!

Eating right continues to be a challenge, but it’s also inspiring me to try out a lot of new recipes–and even some exotic appliances (ooh, immersion blender!).  Thank goodness I saved all my old issues of “Cooking Light” (though even it can’t offer a pie recipe that I can eat at the moment).

Photo courtesty of Flickr Creative Commons user Dan4th.*

*By the way, this is a cool thing you can try.  A lot of people who post their photos on Flickr make them available for use by others with the help of a Creative Commons license.  You can put these pictures in your own stuff, provided you abide by the restrictions they have chosen.  My usual skepticism about technological hype must yield to genuine appreciation for this innovation.

Leave it…leave it…

July 12, 2008

We are making a valiant effort to civilize Snow before B3 makes his arrival in the outside world.  Results have been generally mixed but are improving.

When I started thinking about the different commands Snow is learning, I had to laugh when I realized how many of them apply to me, too.  For one thing, as an obviously pregnant woman, I am always hearing, “Sit!  Sit!”  And then there’s “Shake!” which came in handy during the recent ALA conference, when I met a lot of new people as I prepared to change jobs at the library.  “Roll over!” comes up every night, as I toss and turn in an often futile effort to find a comfortable sleeping position.

And then there’s the biggest challenge for both Snow and me.  Micah has been trying to teach her not to go for a treat he has placed on the floor, using the command “Leave it!”  I feel just like Snow when I’m sitting just a few feet from a cupcake and have to remind myself, “Leave it!  Leave it!”  (Of course, Snow, that lucky devil, does eventually get to eat her treat.  I have to wait until snack time and settle for light yogurt or a handful of mini carrots.)

No picnic

June 24, 2008

Or, more accurately, a picnic at which all your favorite foods are on display but off limits.

I recently got a diagnosis of gestational diabetes, which is not a lot of fun.  I have to watch my diet very closely and test my blood glucose level four times a day.  From a purely abstract, scientific perspective, this is kind of interesting (though I don’t think I’ll go so far as to prove my Bennett bona fides by putting the test results in a spreadsheet), but it’s hard to make major adjustments in my eating habits.  Perversely, my prescribed diet in no way corresponds to normal pregnancy cravings, so I have to work hard to find foods that are both appropriate and appealing.

That being said, the payoff is that if I can keep things under control, B3 should be in much better shape upon his arrival.  For one thing, he’ll be less likely to be gigantic–which will make things a lot easier for me, too!

(Snow, by the way, is the one family member enjoying significant benefits from this situation: I have to eat a lot of protein, often in the form of egg whites, so she is getting lots of egg yolk treats.  She’ll have the shiniest coat in the neighborhood!)