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Snow flurries

March 29, 2009

It was colder than usual here yesterday, but not really cold enough to create these drifts in the backyard:


These were the result not of a freak weather pattern hitting the Houston metropolitan area but rather of Micah going after Snow with the Furminator.  You probably think now we have a dog resembling a chihuahua (seriously, how much could possibly be left?), but we really still have a beautiful, happy Eskie.



Company’s here!

March 19, 2009

After a week with Auntie Esba, Patrick welcomed another group of visitors today.  His Uncle Brendan, Aunt Sara, and Grandpa Paul arrived from Minnesota late last night and will be here through the weekend.  I’m glad he’s finally getting to meet more of my family, even if this will just give him one more reason to wear his bib that says, “Are these people really my relatives???”


Who’s the boss?

March 7, 2009

Don't you mess with me, Snopers!

Dog + Baby =

February 8, 2009



What about Snow?

September 29, 2008

Micah recently told Snow that she could be turning backflips, and we still wouldn’t notice.  Poor dog, she has some tough competition these days.

She’s handling it like a champ, though, and most of our concerns about her ability to interact with a little person have proved unfounded.  As it turns out, she pretty much ignores Patrick.  Sometimes, though, she likes to give him a little kiss on the head, which is awfully cute.

Into the great wide open

September 16, 2008

We’re free–and Patrick has stepped out (well, been carried out) into the big world!  We were discharged from the hospital yesterday afternoon, after lots of waiting and much paperwork.  Our time there wasn’t exactly fun–such things never are–but I have nothing but praise for the wonderful staff of Christus Santa Rosa Hospital.  They were under extra stress and strain because they took in many storm evacuees, especially from the Corpus Christi area, but we received excellent care and lots of great advice.  I was sorry my regular OB didn’t get to “finish the job” by delivering Patrick, but I was relieved to end up, largely by chance, in such capable hands.  (By the way, I always think it’s kind of funny when you enter the hospital under your own power and leave in a wheelchair.)

Reports from home are coming in, via phone and email, and things in Houston are slowly improving.  Our house is secure and sustained no damage, though there’s still no power, and the backyard is piled with debris.  Inconvenience abounds, but we’ve heard from no one about any injuries, thank God.  The worst news from work is that the hurricane tore off part of the roof of the architecture building, causing flooding in the Architecture and Art Library.  The books are being moved to the main library as damage is assessed. 

I guess I’ve neglected to let you all know that Snow is fine.  Our wonderful friends rescued her from our house and are taking care of her until we get home.  She’s probably really enjoying her visit, since not only does she get to hang out with her old buddy Jeremy, she’s also made a fast friend in their new dog Pixie.

Boy oh boy, do we have a lot to be grateful for these days!

Best. Onesie. Ever.

September 6, 2008

I couldn’t believe it when I found this Eskie design on and discovered I could have it put on a onesie.  Come on, B3.  Don’t you want to be born, so you can start wearing all the adorable clothes we have for you?


August 15, 2008

During our childbirth class, several people highly recommended a “birth ball,” really just one of those exercise balls you can get at any sporting goods store.  They are supposed to be a great help during labor, though it seems more likely that I’d fall off one and cause some kind of medical emergency.  Anyway, Micah picked one up a couple of weeks ago, and while I haven’t made much use of it yet, Snow considers it one more exciting addition to her toy collection.  If someone rolls it toward her, she goes into full attack mode and sends it ricocheting around the room.  It’s really pretty funny–or at least it will be until something gets knocked over and broken.

The Great Escape

July 18, 2008

Our naughty dog had a little adventure yesterday.  Sometime very early in the morning, Snow sneaked out of the backyard and went on a solo trot around the neighborhood.  After we noticed her absence, we drove around nearby streets, eyes peeled for a fluffy white dog.  Someone had spotted her and tried to get her attention, but to no avail, so he was only able to report that she had turned left.  Fortunately, we soon got a call from a kind lady who had managed to get close enough to read her tag and was keeping an eye on her until we could come by to pick her up.  I was surprised to learn that while Snow had only gotten a couple of blocks away, she was in a part of the neighborhood we rarely visit, which lies on the other side of a fairly busy street.  What a relief to find her unharmed!  I took her home and lashed the back gate shut extra tight.

(Confidential to the happy couple in India: Jeremy had no part in this escapade.  Unlike some, Jeremy is a good dog.)

Fluffy houseguest

July 15, 2008

While our friends are off in India getting married, we are entertaining their dog, Jeremy.  Like Snow, he is an American Eskimo Dog, and they look quite similar (he’s the one in the foreground of the picture).  Jeremy is older and calmer than Snow, so the hope is that their time together will temper her usual hysteria, as well as perk him up a bit.  (Sadly, Jeremy lost his beloved companion Mitzi a few months ago.)  So far, they seem to be enjoying each other’s company, and we’re finding that having two dogs is actually easier than having one.