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Patrick the Biped

August 4, 2009

Crawling remains his favored mode of locomotion, but drunken staggering is a close second.

(Snow would like you to notice that she walks very well, too–without anyone making any kind of big fuss about it.)


Follow me to freedom!

May 30, 2009

Yet another inevitable milestone has been reached: Patrick has figured out how to get out the dog door.


Houston, we have forward motion!

April 17, 2009

Sittin’ pretty

March 10, 2009

Patrick is really getting the hang of sitting up.  He can wave his arms and play with toys without falling over, and he seems to enjoy seeing the world from this new vantage point.

Ready for a T-bone

February 1, 2009

Well, that was embarrassing.

I went to check on Patrick between church and Sunday school, and Ms. Lillian, the nursery teacher, said, “He has teeth!  He’s ready for a steak, Mommy!”  We hadn’t even noticed.

So, yes, Patrick does have two little lower teeth poking out now.  They’re hard to see–and even harder to photograph–but they’re definitely there.

I wonder what else he has done while we weren’t paying attention?

Go Rice!

January 18, 2009

Cereal, that is.

Patrick had his first taste of real food yesterday when he tried a few spoonfuls of rice cereal.  Though suspicious at the outset (the camera in his face didn’t help), he soon decided he liked it and was eager for more bites.  He is supposed to have cereal for several days before starting the parade of fruits and vegetables.  One of our baby advice books says that first-time parents are always in a hurry to introduce solid foods, while more experienced moms and dads know it’s just a big pain and put it off as long as possible.  So I guess we’re just following the proper script!


December 29, 2008

Patrick is learning new tricks every day now, and yesterday he went crazy with the rolling over.  He picked up the tummy-to-back move early on, because he so despised being on his tummy, and he more or less figured out how to get from back to tummy just before we left for the holidays.  Not until yesterday, however, did he really get the hang of it.  He even performed for Grandaddy’s new video camera, so you can check him out on YouTube.  (Micah posted several Patrick videos, so you may want to watch the whole playlist.)

And the little one said, “Roll over! Roll over!”

October 14, 2008

Patrick hates tummy time.  When we put him on his tummy so he can strengthen his neck muscles, he almost invariably descends into shrieking misery within a minute or two.  This is not without benefits, however: today he rolled himself from stomach to back three times! 

While he’s still just a little guy (even now that he’s bulking up at a good rate, he remains slightly below his birth weight), he has a secret weapon: the strength of rage.  Micah calls this mode “Patrick the Hulk.”  I doubt he (Patrick, not Micah) could roll over while calm, but when he works himself into a frenzy, not only can he roll over, he can also hold his head up remarkably well and clearly wants very badly to crawl.  I just hope he doesn’t end up being able to propel himself only when squawking his head off!

It didn’t occur to me until Micah asked about it later that I should have made a video of this exciting event, but I did get a series of action shots: