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Welcome, Cousin Joshua!

September 19, 2008

Throughout my pregnancy, we were in a joking race with Micah’s cousin David and his wife Emily, who were expecting a baby boy at almost the same time we were.  Patrick arrived first, but we just received word that their little one, Joshua, arrived today.  His birthplace was much more exotic than San Antonio, since his parents are doing missionary work in Lebanon. 

Joshua’s nursery theme is lambs, so here is the blanket I made for him:


Our wedding finery

August 31, 2008

My brother got married just minutes ago, but we had to miss the festivities because traveling to Minnesota while 38 weeks pregnant was out of the question.  I hate that we’re not there, but we did manage to listen to the service on my cell phone–it sounded like they got married on Mars.  While everyone else was in the church, singing and praying and standing up for the bridal couple, we were hanging out in our living room with the dog.  Strange way to “attend” a wedding, but it was better than nothing.

So congratulations, Brendan and Sara, from Miranda, Micah, B3, and Snow!

Today’s reason for gratitude

August 29, 2008

My little brother called me yesterday with quite a story.  He was driving his fiancee’s car to pick up tuxes for their upcoming wedding, and as he was merging onto the freeway, he heard a popping sound.  Thinking perhaps a tire had burst, he pulled onto the shoulder.  After noticing steam or smoke coming from under the hood, he got out of the car, only to have the whole thing go up in flames just minutes later.

I’m so grateful he walked away from this terrible scene with no injuries!  (And they certainly have some interesting photos for their wedding scrapbook.)

Farewell to an old friend

July 25, 2008

Sad news today from Beaglewood Farm.  My mom’s Norwegian elkhound, Daisy, was put to sleep this morning.  She had lived a long and happy life but had suffered in recent months from serious health problems, including greatly decreased mobility.

Daisy was one of Mom’s sweetest dogs, always very affectionate and silly, despite her elegant appearance.  Her distinctive black face and early years somewhere in Appalachia (I can’t remember exactly where) led us to call her the “coal-mining dog,” and Micah liked to refer to her as “Huff-n-Puff” because she expressed excitement by panting heavily.

Mom buried her at the farm, marking the grave with daisies, and her interment was accompanied by a chorus of barking and howling from her pack.