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Pots & Spoons R Us

June 7, 2009

We made a visit to Toys R Us today, and I was amazed at the sheer number of toys in the world today.  So many, so colorful, so loud!  We managed to get out without buying any (though I did pick up a bunch of half-price summer clothes, 12-month size), and I’m glad we did, since Patrick spent the rest of the afternoon being thoroughly entertained by a soup pan and a wooden spoon, a mixing bowl full of water, and an empty laundry basket.



New wheels

May 30, 2009

Micah found another fun toy for Patrick: a convertible ride-on car/walker.  It has lots of excellent features, including a spinning rattle, a clicking gas-cap, and a removable hood (which, it turns out, can be used to play the keyboard).



Patrick’s first action figure

March 10, 2009



February 21, 2009


Patrick got a basic stroller a few months ago, but we learned after the fact that standard strollers are designed to fit people 5’6″ and under.  I’m slightly under 5’6″ and so could just barely use it comfortably, but Micah’s height made it essentially worthless for him.  We now have a slightly snazzier model, with extendable handles, that seems to work better (it’s a lot easier for me to use, anyway).  And what does Patrick think of it?  See for yourself!


Recession baby clothes

January 16, 2009

These days the news is so dominated by bleak economic reports that I’ve largely traded NPR for sports talk radio, and we’re trying to save pennies where we can.  One happy discovery in this regard is that children’s resale shops can be veritable treasure chests.  We visited a couple last week and came away with lots of great new outfits for Patrick, including several I know originally cost several times what we paid.  I was especially pleased to find a few adorable Gymboree onesies, for which I have a great weakness that I usually must fight.  Here Patrick models one of my favorites:


In the swing of things

November 5, 2008

swinginMy dad told me that one baby item we’d definitely want to get is a swing.  Boy, was he ever right!  We have added this cute jungle-themed swing to our collection of Patrick-soothers, and so far it’s working really well.  The only problem is that the best way to calm him down with it is to use the “nature sounds” feature, and it puts me to sleep almost as quickly as it does him!

(By the way, please notice how much bigger he looks.  He’s clawing his way back up the growth charts and now weighs in at about 9.5 pounds.)

(Also by the way, we are enduring annoyingly inconsistent internet service at the moment,* which is why this is the first post in a few days.)

*Confidential to Nana Pat: We plan to have this resolved by December 1, so you can still come visit!

Finally, Mommy!

November 2, 2008

Isn’t there some saying about how the shoemaker’s children always run around barefoot?  Well, I’m pleased to announce that, at long last, Patrick’s blanket is finished.  Yes, I can name at least two babies born after him whose blankets were completed before his, but he seems to be okay with this.  After all, his is one of the nicest I’ve ever made.  Its two sides feature two favorite children’s book characters, Spot and Babar, and I swear Patrick’s little eyes lit up when he saw it.  I hope he enjoys it for many years!

The $60 battery-powered learning experience

October 24, 2008

We’ve been looking for a mobile to entertain Patrick because he seems utterly transfixed by the living room ceiling fan.  Micah stopped by Babies R Us this afternoon but could find nothing but overpriced “educational” mobiles, when all we need is a few eye-catching little things for our kid to look at.  Of course, we could make something like that ourselves, right?  And that’s why our ceiling fan is now decked out with colored paper and baby toys.

Sizing things up

October 13, 2008

I confess to utter bewilderment when it comes to the sizes of baby clothes.  I thought I was doing so well when I had all Patrick’s outfits sorted by their purported age-appropriateness, but now I find that some “newborn” pieces are really for newborn giants, while some 3-6 month items fit just fine.  (See photo, in which he sports a Gerber onesie in the 3-6 month size.)  It doesn’t help that he is unusually tall for his weight (or skinny for his height), making outfits that fit well from head to toe often far too roomy.  Still, there’s no arguing with the verdict of this little suit: adorable!


October 9, 2008

The past few days have been like Christmas in October around here.  No tree or lights or frantic shopping, but lots and lots of envelopes and stamps.  As many of you know, I make a big deal out of my annual Christmas mailing, and having a baby has given me another excuse to do my part to keep the postal service in business.  I put about two hundred birth announcements in the mail last night, so news of our little guy will be spread far and wide (though in the era of email, blogs, and Facebook, this seems kind of anticlimactic).