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The Baby Formerly Known as B3

September 14, 2008

He’s here!  He’s here!  He’s finally here!!  (Of course, “here” is San Antonio, which is a bit of a surprise, but that’s fine.)

B3 will henceforth be known as Patrick Word Bennett, and he arrived safely–and squalling–at 8:50 this morning.  I went into labor naturally at about 10:00 last night, so it turns out all the induction planning was unnecessary.  Little Patrick had his own ideas about when he would show up, and we were very happy to meet him a day earlier than expected.  He weighed 7 pounds, 11 ounces, and measured just under 21 inches long.

Mom and baby are healthy and happy–if both very sleepy–and we are enjoying the Invasion of the Grandmothers, who were both able to change their plans and travel to San Antonio instead of Houston. 

Addendum: My mom noticed that this post shows up dated September 14; Patrick was born on September 13.


Best laid plans of mice and moms

September 12, 2008

Okay, here’s the latest from San Antonio.

I had an appointment with a local OB this afternoon, and after reviewing my medical history and performing various tests, he recommended going ahead with induction as soon as possible.  B3 looks good, but because of the gestational diabetes, it’s advisable to get him out sooner rather than later.  After weighing our options, we decided to schedule the induction for Sunday, as we had originally planned, but here in San Antonio instead of Houston.  The doctor I saw is on-call this weekend, so he’ll be available to perform the delivery, and we were able to see the relevant areas of the hospital and get our questions answered by an exceptionally helpful nurse.

B3 is showing significant signs of interest in moving into the outside world, so I’m hoping the induction will be a way of helping things along rather than starting from scratch.  The doctor here seems optimistic that I’m in good condition for a safe and successful induced delivery.  Your prayers and good thoughts are welcome!

Ready for his close-up

September 4, 2008

B3 got his picture taken again yesterday when we had yet another ultrasound done.  This one was to check on his size, and although I haven’t talked to Dr. Clark about the results yet, the tech said that, according to his measurements, he probably weighs about seven pounds, seven ounces.  If this is anywhere close to accurate, it’s great news, since he won’t be considered a “big baby” as long as his birth weight is under nine pounds.  With just eleven days to go, it’s unlikely he’ll pack on another pound and a half.

But I know what you’re waiting for is the picture.  So here you go:

And I know what a couple of you are thinking: B3 has duck lips!  Well, we know whose nephew he is.


August 17, 2008

I’m considering adding another B to B3’s nickname, so that he can be called Bonkers Baby Boy Bennett.  Remember how I used to worry incessantly because I often wouldn’t feel him move for a few hours?  Ah, the good old days.  Granted, that still happens every now and then, but mostly he seems to be active all the time

I admit, it is kind of fun to imagine what he’s thinking.  I picture him saying things like, “Wake up, Mommy, wake up!  I have the hiccups!  Isn’t that funny?” and “I’m bored….C’mon, let’s dance!” and “I’m in training for the 2028 Olympics.  Gymnastics!  Soccer!  And those equestrian events look fun–can I get a horse in here?”  Um, no, son.  No horse for you until you join us in the outside world.  Sorry.

These days I wonder to myself which is stranger: having another human being living inside you or basically taking for granted that you have another human being living inside you.

Nursery painting, take two

July 28, 2008

Micah spent the weekend repainting B3’s nursery, to wonderful results.  Prairie Willow was definitely the color I had in my head, and now we don’t have to worry about our poor baby going blind from the glare of his bedroom walls.

In this picture, you can also see the beautiful Corgiville cabinet we got from our friends.  Don’t worry–we don’t plan to make B3 sleep on the floor.  Micah’s parents are going to bring us furniture next week.

Now with shushing action!

July 26, 2008

B3’s librarian DNA is showing.  (In addition to his mom, his Great-Nana trained and worked as an academic librarian in the 1940s.)  I had ultrasound number five on Thursday, and the tech got a picture of him with his finger to his lips.  Apparently, while normal babies suck their thumbs, our kiddo goes “Shhh!”

The ultrasound results have been passed on to Dr. Clark, but I haven’t heard anything about them yet.  She wanted to check on his growth and size because the primary potential complication from gestational diabetes (aside from the mommy going crazy) is a super-sized baby.  (My understanding is that, since my body isn’t processing insulin correctly, extra sugar can get dumped into B3’s system, which will make him chubby, especially in the upper body.)  I’ll keep you posted.

Incidentally, the other picture resulting from this ultrasound is one the tech captioned “I’m still a boy!!!!”  I’m not going to put that one up because I don’t want B3 to have to go directly from labor and delivery to therapy.

Take a hike!

July 24, 2008

Hiking Clingman's Dome

Hiking Clingman's Dome

Last month we went on vacation in the Smoky Mountains with Micah’s family.  I wasn’t up for any serious hiking, but I managed a few of the shorter trails–sometimes with help!

Since B3 hiked these trails, too, we got him a couple of trail patches, which I’ve put on little onesies, so he can show off to all the other babies.  (The hiking shorts are a gift from his Nana Pat.)


Next time we do this, someone else gets to carry the kid.


Center of attention

July 22, 2008

B3 probably already thinks the world revolves around him, and this is only going to get worse in coming weeks.

I had my regular doctor’s appointment yesterday, and things seem to be progressing as they should. Contrary to what all the nice ladies at church say–or imply with meaningful looks–my belly is measuring exactly where it should for 31+ weeks. My blood sugar numbers are generally good, though the minor problems with my fasting numbers have resulted in a prescription for a small dose of diabetes medicine (which, if this morning was any indication, doesn’t work worth a darn).

While I’m doing a good job of controlling the diabetes (though I wasn’t exactly flattered when the doctor said I was “very compliant”), it still puts me in a elevated risk category, so B3 is going to be lavished with some extra attention for the remainder of the pregnancy. I’ll have yet another ultrasound on Thursday, to check on his size, and I have to start going in for fetal monitoring each week. I bet the little guy is thinking, “Ooh, I’m a special, special baby!” Which, of course, he is–but this is getting a bit ridiculous!

One for the trivia books

July 11, 2008

I’m sure B3’s Henry uncles will do their best to see that he is fully educated in the ways of baseball, but he has witnessed something–albeit in utero–that they will probably never see: a hitless win.

While I was in California for the ALA Annual Meeting, I attended a game at Dodger Stadium.  (By the way, you can add “professional baseball stadium luxury box” to your list of Overrated Things in Life.)  About halfway through, the Angels had a bumbling inning that led to the Dodgers scoring without registering a single actual hit.  I jokingly remarked to my colleague that it would be pretty funny if the Angels pitched a no-hitter and still lost.  Lo and behold, that’s exactly what happened.  (Well, not exactly; it wasn’t officially a no-hitter because the two Angels pitchers only faced eight innings of Dodger batters.)

According to ESPN, this game was only the fifth hitless win in modern major league history.

B3’s favorite game

July 11, 2008

B3 seems to think he’s quite a comedian.  One of his favorite things to do is be very still and quiet just long enough for me to worry (okay, you all know this doesn’t take very long).  Then, just when I’m starting to think something might be wrong, he goes completely bonkers, kicking, punching, and flailing around like a wild man.  I’m sure he’s thinking, “Ha, ha, ha, fooled you again, Mommy!”

I think a new cable for the camera arrived last night, but I was so tired after our first childbirth class that I didn’t even open the box.  Can you believe it?  I never don’t open the box!  Anyway, I hope to be posting more often now–with photos!