woof! woof woof!

We’re making a valiant effort to keep Patrick’s toy collection relatively battery- and computer-chip-free, but you can’t keep a boy from liking what he likes.  And, sure enough, his favorite book is the one with the built-in sound effects.  It’s called Woof, and it’s a board book featuring pictures of dogs–as well as a little button that, when pressed, makes an arfing sound.  Patrick has figured out how to push the button himself and likes to imitate the barking by going, “Uh!  Uh uh!”


Good grief, the other toy in this picture is a sound-and-light extravaganza, too.


One Response to “woof! woof woof!”

  1. Nana Pat Says:

    Are you counting “uh, uh, uh” as his first word? The beagles were hoping for a good hunting howl from him, or at least from his dog book. Shingle thinks the dog on the cover looks like a cinnamon Nitwit.

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