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Extra, extra!

February 25, 2009




February 21, 2009


Patrick got a basic stroller a few months ago, but we learned after the fact that standard strollers are designed to fit people 5’6″ and under.  I’m slightly under 5’6″ and so could just barely use it comfortably, but Micah’s height made it essentially worthless for him.  We now have a slightly snazzier model, with extendable handles, that seems to work better (it’s a lot easier for me to use, anyway).  And what does Patrick think of it?  See for yourself!


Bears are nocturnal

February 17, 2009
The hat says it all.

The hat says it all.

Five months!

February 13, 2009


Patrick is five months old on this Friday the thirteenth, so here are a few tidbits for his fans.

  • He is very close to being able to sit up on his own.  He can actually do it for a short time already, as long as he doesn’t try to move (reaching for a toy, for instance, results in a face-plant).
  • The cold he has been fighting for a couple of weeks is still hanging on, so he went back to the doctor yesterday.  It looks like everything is fine–and he seems to feel better today–but now he has to take some medicine.  Fortunately, he’s quite happy about this and stretches out his arms in joy at the prospect of a dropper full of grape-flavored decongestant.  Oh, and he got weighed–sixteen pounds!
  • Daycare is going well.  Micah and I have staggered our work schedules so that Patrick is there for between six and seven hours a day, which has reduced my guilt level a lot.  It helps that his caregivers are wonderful, loving people, and he seems to like going, especially since there are other kids to play with and lots of toys we don’t have at home.
  • We enjoyed a great–but too short!–visit from Patrick’s Nana Pat last week and are looking forward to a trip to Dallas to meet Great-Auntie Gail and see Nonno, as well as visits next month from Auntie Esba (i.e., Sarah Beth), Uncle Brendan and Aunt Sara, and Grandpa Paul.  One of our goals for Patrick’s first year is to introduce him to as much of his family as possible, and we’re doing well so far.
  • While he is obviously an above-average baby in nearly every way (remember, his mom grew up in Lake Wobegon), he is still a terrible sleeper!  (Of course, he’s sound asleep now, right when we have to leave for daycare and work….)

Uncle Brendan’s nephew

February 13, 2009

When Patrick goes to daycare, we pack up a few bottles for him to have while he’s there.  To make them easy to carry and to prevent spilling, we found the ideal solution:


Today’s Lesson

February 10, 2009

How to Eat Like a Boy


Dog + Baby =

February 8, 2009



Swinging al fresco

February 7, 2009

Micah is putting up an outside swing for Patrick, and so far it seems to be quite a hit.  Now that we’re enjoying one of the most pleasant times of year in Houston, we’ll have to start thinking about all kinds of outdoor kid equipment–sandbox, wading pool, etc.  No jungle gym yet, though.  Maybe next year!


Welcome to my life

February 5, 2009

“Sorry I’m late.  The baby threw up on the dog.”

Auntie Emel, I know you’re in there!

February 4, 2009