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Three Words II

December 30, 2008

Here’s another picture of three variations on the “Word Bennett” theme:


Micah’s cousin Cory also has Word as a middle name.

This is a special photo because it was taken on the very spot where Patrick’s great-grandparents, Word and Lera Bennett, were married: in front of the mantle in Avalon Hall at David Lipscomb University.



December 29, 2008

Patrick is learning new tricks every day now, and yesterday he went crazy with the rolling over.  He picked up the tummy-to-back move early on, because he so despised being on his tummy, and he more or less figured out how to get from back to tummy just before we left for the holidays.  Not until yesterday, however, did he really get the hang of it.  He even performed for Grandaddy’s new video camera, so you can check him out on YouTube.  (Micah posted several Patrick videos, so you may want to watch the whole playlist.)

Operation Flying Bear

December 26, 2008


Patrick did remarkably well on his first airplane ride.  We left Houston early Christmas Eve morning, and everything went very smoothly–at least, once we finally found a long-term parking lot without a “FULL” sign out front. 

Patrick got a “BVD” (Boarding Verification Document, nothing to do with underwear) to get on the plane, which was a relief, since I’d figured out just a few days before departure that we needed proof of his age to get him on as a lap baby.  Getting our hands on his birth certificate would have involved a trip to Austin or San Antonio, but the Southwest airlines rep I spoke to said a vaccination record would suffice.  Thank goodness!

Our little bear fell asleep right before boarding and stayed out for the whole flight.  I’m sure people wondered what we drugged him with, but he did it all on his own.  Let’s hope our trip home goes as well!

(Don’t worry, Patrick’s First Christmas photos will be available soon.)

Three Words

December 22, 2008

Micah’s aunt and uncle are in town for a few days, so we spent the afternoon visiting with them and another aunt and uncle and several cousins.  Everyone enjoyed playing “Pass the Patrick”–which, Micah pointed out, becomes a version of Hot Potato when Patrick starts getting hungry and/or tired–and it was fun to catch up with that part of the family.

Micah’s uncle Tommy is his generation’s bearer of the name “Word,” so we got a picture of the three Words.  Micah titles this shot, “Three generations of saying, ‘No, it’s not “Ward,” it’s “Word.”‘”


Going to the gym

December 21, 2008

A few weeks ago Micah found an activity gym for $5 at a garage sale.  Not all the settings on the lights and music feature work, but it still provides Patrick with plenty of entertainment.  He is just beginning to have enough control over his arms and hands to whack the hanging toys with some degree of intentionality, and he likes to watch the blinking light show.  The only feature that doesn’t seem to interest him much at all is the little mirror.  I find this hard to understand; if I were that cute, I’d look in the mirror all day long!


Christmas warm-up

December 19, 2008

Since we’ll be in Nashville rather than at home for Christmas, we’ve been opening packages as they arrive.  Most of the presents are for Patrick, of course, and we just learned that he can actually open them himself if they’re wrapped in tissue paper.  (In fact, if any of you are undecided about what to get him, you should consider giving him a ball of tissue paper wrapped in tissue paper–he’d be thrilled!)


And on keyboards…

December 19, 2008

This week Patrick has been hanging out with his aunt Mary Love, a talented pianist.  She is seeing to his musical education, and tonight he showed off what he has learned in a brief recital.  It was really very funny to watch him flail his arms around and whack the keys.  You could almost see the wheels turning in his head as he began to make the connection between his movements and the sound coming from the keyboard.  What his performance lacked in rhythm and melody, it made up in enthusiasm.


Son of Flying Worm

December 16, 2008

My mom told me that when I was little I really liked people to hold me up in the air, so they nicknamed me the Flying Worm.  Patrick seems to take after me in this regard–though we refer to as the Flying Bear, which I think is a little more flattering.  He loves to go up and down and swoop from side to side.  It almost always makes him smile, and it’s great for building up arms muscles in daddies and aunts!



Here you go, Nana Pat!

December 14, 2008

I’ve been so busy with adjusting to being back at work and getting ready for the holidays that I haven’t had a spare minute to put up a post recently.  My poor mom is going into Patrick withdrawl, so we finally uploaded the photos from my mother-in-law’s camera and put a bunch of them into a new Facebook album

Today was a typical pre-Christmas Saturday, with cookie house decorating at church (check out the Facebook album to see my house), a shopping excursion (this got everyone out of the house and let me finally write my annual Christmas letter), and a neighborhood holiday parade.  The parade was pretty funny.  It featured characters from Alice in Wonderland (why?  No idea), as well as the usual holiday suspects: Santa Claus, Hanukkah Harry, the Kwanzaa King, Pancho Claus, and a postman (I’m pretty sure he was part of the parade and not just trying to cover his route).  And all these characters threw beads to the crowd, as if it were Mardi Gras.


I don’t expect to sleep through the night

December 9, 2008

One of the most popular questions about Patrick these days is, “Does he sleep through the night?”  The answer is, well, yes and no.  He is generally pretty good about sleeping at night, but he does still wake up once or twice to eat.  He usually falls asleep again easily, but every now and then, he goes completely bananas and wants to smile and play at 1:00 in the morning.  This is often funny at the time but decidedly less funny when it’s time to get up for work.