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(Pa)trick or treat

October 31, 2008

One problem with being born in September is that you have very limited costume choices for your first Halloween.  Patrick seems fairly embarrassed about being dressed as a pea pod, even though he was the hit of the UH Libraries’ Halloween event yesterday.  He even got his picture taken with the president of the university!

For the record, Patrick would like it to be known that when I told him what he was going to be for Halloween, he thought I meant he got to be Sweet P, baby rapper:


Vote early, vote often

October 30, 2008

Patrick got his first taste of democracy in action yesterday when he went with me to vote (in Harris County, we have early voting for two weeks before election day).  He slept through it, of course, but I’ll tell him about it someday.

I’ve been happy to see the interest and enthusiasm this year’s presidential race has generated, but I hope that by the time Patrick casts his first presidential ballot in 2028, the presence of female and African-American candidates on the ticket will be so taken for granted that it is no longer cause for any special comment.

And here’s your gratuitous baby picture for the day:

Bundled up in blue

October 28, 2008

We’re finally getting some fall-ish weather here, with temperatures down into the 40s at night.  Gorgeous sunny days, too, which I have to admit are very nice, even if I’m a little envious that my family back in Minnesota is already seeing snow.  Patrick is having to wear warmer clothes now, but he doesn’t seem to mind–although he’s not wild about the challenge of getting his arms into long sleeves.


October 26, 2008

One advantage of being a mom who grew up in the 1980s: you know a few good baby fashion tricks.  For instance, here is Patrick, earlier today:

His pants (“Halloween pants,” incidentally, which just means they were 50% off at the Children’s Place) are way too long, and his socks are way too cute.  What to do?  Think back to about 1988…then wrap the cuffs snugly and tuck them into the socks.  Voila!  We’re off to church–and ready to rock out to Duran Duran on the way.

This is the only place on earth bluebonnets grow

October 25, 2008

A Texas tradition I’m really looking forward to is driving out into the country in the spring to take family pictures in the bluebonnet fields.  The highway shoulders turn into parking lots as people stop to get photos in the most picturesque locations, but we’ve never done more than drive by, on our way to the Bluebonnet Festival.  Next spring we’ll definitely have to take Patrick and the camera.

This morning we did our part to encourage the spread of bluebonnets in our neighborhood by participating in a wildflower planting at the Willow Waterhole.  It’s a pretty simple activity: just grab a bucket of seeds and throw them around.  In fact, maybe next year Patrick will be able to scatter seeds just like the grown-ups.

The many moods of Patrick

October 24, 2008

Just a link for you today: Patrick has a new Facebook album available, featuring photos his grandfather took last weekend.  Enjoy!

The $60 battery-powered learning experience

October 24, 2008

We’ve been looking for a mobile to entertain Patrick because he seems utterly transfixed by the living room ceiling fan.  Micah stopped by Babies R Us this afternoon but could find nothing but overpriced “educational” mobiles, when all we need is a few eye-catching little things for our kid to look at.  Of course, we could make something like that ourselves, right?  And that’s why our ceiling fan is now decked out with colored paper and baby toys.

Hybrid baby

October 22, 2008

Remember back when I was pregnant and so worried that my gestational diabetes would result in a giganto-baby?  Now I worry that Patrick is too small.  It’s always something.

Anyway, on the advice of his pediatrician, he has been getting a hybrid diet of both breastmilk and formula, and it seems to be working.  After the alarming weight loss in his first week of life and a short time when his weight was only holding steady, he’s starting to gain ounces at a good clip.  I took him in for a weight check today and learned that he has finally topped his birth weight (this was supposed to happen weeks ago).  Hooray!  He’s still a skinny little guy, but he appears to be in excellent health, and if he keeps gobbling away, he should start catching up with his peers.

What a weekend!

October 21, 2008

Patrick had a great weekend with his Bennett grandparents and his Aunt Grace.  He was generally on his best behavior and was calm and happy both at home and away.  We’ve discovered that he really likes going out to eat–something about the background noises in restaurants seems to soothe him–and he turned in another impressive performance at church.  We’ll have to see if he continues to be so sweet natured when he’s hanging out with just boring old Mommy and Daddy.

Patrick and Grandaddy

Patrick and Grandaddy

Patrick @Rice

October 20, 2008

Yesterday we took Patrick to Rice to see the campus and take pictures.  Since it’s where Micah and I met, the school plays an important role in Patrick’s history.  You can view the best of the photos in this Facebook album.