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Fan fan

September 30, 2008

Our quest to find reliable ways to calm Patrick down has led to some strange places.  You’ll often find me sitting on the bathroom floor, in the dark, with babe in arms.  Why?  Because he loves the sound of the exhaust fan.  We’ve even been known, on occasion, to lie down on the floor and sleep there.  Maybe I need a blog post category called “Things we never thought we’d do before becoming parents.”


It’s a wrap

September 30, 2008

You may have noticed that in most pictures, Patrick is all bundled up.  Some friends gave us a set of swaddling blankets–complete with instructional DVD–and we’ve found that wrapping Patrick snugly in these large cotton cloths helps keep him (relatively) calm.  We haven’t bothered dressing him in any of his cute little outfits yet since (a) they’d just be covered up most of the time, and (b) I was so convinced he’d weigh at least 8 pounds from the get-go that all we have in his current size is plain white onesies.

What about Snow?

September 29, 2008

Micah recently told Snow that she could be turning backflips, and we still wouldn’t notice.  Poor dog, she has some tough competition these days.

She’s handling it like a champ, though, and most of our concerns about her ability to interact with a little person have proved unfounded.  As it turns out, she pretty much ignores Patrick.  Sometimes, though, she likes to give him a little kiss on the head, which is awfully cute.

Babies and ontology

September 27, 2008

These days I’ve mostly been thinking about how long until Patrick wants to eat again or about when I might sneak in a nap, but I’ve also indulged in a few more esoteric reflections. 

“Having a baby changes everything” is the tagline for an ad campaign and, of course, refers to how having a baby presents you with more opportunities to spend money, but I think one of the most interesting ways Patrick has changed things is that he has made many people into things they weren’t before.  It’s pretty cool that as of 8:50 a.m. on September 13, our siblings were suddenly aunts and uncles, our parents became grandparents, and, of course, Micah and I were transformed into Daddy and Mommy.  (By the way, for purposes of these musings, I’m bracketing the question of when life begins.  After all, I’m on leave, and there’s a limit to how deeply this philosophy librarian will think for free!)

Ooh, use more big words, Mommy!

Ooh, use more big words, Mommy!

Paddy O’Bennett

September 26, 2008

We’ve discovered that, true to his name, Patrick is a big fan of Celtic music.  We are grateful to my dear friend Nan for her gift of an Irish music CD (which very nearly caused me to give away the kid’s name months earlier!), and we’ve also been listening to the Chieftains and Michael Card, both big hits with the little guy.

Patrick also loves when people dance him around the room, so Micah has been watching step dancing videos on YouTube and working on his technique.  Here my guys perform that Emerald Isle classic, the Burping Jig:


September 25, 2008

Thank heaven for the front-carrier pack.  It’s one of the few things that reliably calms Patrick down when he’s upset (which is still a lot of the time, even with the new feeding plan).  We take a lot of long walks around the neighborhood or to the Willow Waterhole Greenspace, a nearby park.  Though I do all the work, this is the way Patrick usually looks after one of our outings.  He never sleeps for long, but doesn’t he look adorable while it lasts?

The talented Nana Pat

September 24, 2008

Here are a couple of examples of my mom’s handiwork for her grandson:

Nursery curtains (Beatrix Potter pattern)

Baby quilt, featuring children’s book characters

Baby quilt, reverse (made out of leftover fabric scraps from assorted stuffed animals and Halloween costumes from my and my siblings’ childhoods)

I told you I was hungry!

September 24, 2008

(Sorry no posts for a couple of days–our internet connection fell victim to the post-hurricane communications breakdown.)

Patrick had his first visit to the pediatrician yesterday, and he was deemed in good health, except for having lost significantly more weight than he should have.  I’ve been breastfeeding and had suspected from the start that he wasn’t getting enough to eat.  It was something of a relief to have my instincts validated, but I felt awful that he had been so hungry.  The doctor recommended supplementing the nursing with formula to get his weight up.  I do think breastfeeding is best, and I hope things will improve to the point I can go back to doing that exclusively, but I’m not about to starve our kid for the sake of a principle!

Since we’ve started giving him a little bit of formula, in addition to the usual schedule of nursing, he has been so much calmer and happier.  He used to breastfeed with this fevered desperation that was unpleasant for both of us, and he was cranky almost all the time.  He’s still prone to fits of anger and frustration, but he is finally getting sufficient rest and no longer simply alternates between nursing and shrieking.  This has been a huge relief all around.

All tuckered out

September 21, 2008

Juvenile delinquent

September 20, 2008

Patrick had his first brush with the law last night.  He was getting fussy between feedings, and since it’s hard for me to calm him down (at the moment I seem to mean one thing to him: food), Micah took over.  We’ve discovered that Patrick really enjoys riding in his baby carrier, so Micah strapped him in and took him outside for a little walk (we also seem to have a nature baby, who loves to be outdoors).  This was at about 2:00 in the morning, so they were breaking the hurricane curfew.  Fortunately, Micah caught sight of the police lights down the block in time to rush home!








He doesn’t look like a criminal, does he?